3D Animator | Graphic Designer


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Graphic Design

I can design any graphic elements essential for web, print or interactive media.

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3D Animation

I can work on the 3D animation production pipeline for both film and game.

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Motion Graphics

I can do motion graphics for advertisement media.

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Video Editing

I can color-correct, crop and edit videos aimed for various media campaigns.

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Who am I? I am Batman.

Hard-work and creativity go together to succeed in any project. I am an excellent communicator and team player and driven to make every project I am part of; a success. My design sensibilities are heavily inspired by traditional print design and a deep love for minimalism.

I am from Bangladesh. Came here in USA in 2015. Graduated from East Tennessee State University in Fall, 2018 with a Bachelors degree in Digital Media specializing in 3d animation and Motion graphics. My work area: Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Cinema4D, After-effects, Premier-pro, In-Design, Unreal and Unity Engine.


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+1 423-767-5158

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